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Guide for handicapped persons for Saale-Holzland-Kreis

About us (Impressum)

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Retraining Academy of the economy and public utility company
Falkenburgstraße 12
50935 Köln
Phone: 0911 25 50 98 0
Fax: 0911 25 50 98 60
Mail: faw@faw.de
Internet: http://www.faw.de
Geprüfte Qualität nach DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, zugelassener Bildungsträger nach AZAV
Sitz/Registergericht: Köln, HRB 68558
Administrator: Richard Nürnberger (Vorsitzender), Dr. Ute Schneider

Local branch Jena
FAW gGmbH Academy Jena

07749 Jena
Phone: 03641 53710
Fax: 03641 537120

Administrator: Annett Schädlich

Notice of liability

Such careful control of content, we don′t undertake the statutory liability to the content of external links. For the content of linked pages the users are responsible.
Arrangement of printed pages: Kai Möller, Uwe Giese
Arrangement of web sites: Uwe Giese, Kai Möller
Photos: Doris Blumenstein, Kai Möller, Stefan Herold, Frank Antusch, Reinhard Bätz
All by order of FAW gGmbH Jena
Part of the photos were provided from various facilities and Business Company′s.
Many thank to the authors for this service.
Sincere thanks also to Joachim Fischer from the association for people with disabilities for work and creating from the pictograms. All covenants are by the FAW gGmbH- Jena.

Legal notices

All data content inclusive of the photos and pictograms are copyrighted. For the sent photos the senders are answerable. For any strange contents we don′t take responsibility.

Data privacy statement

Internet technology can give the feeling of losing control. Where and for what purpose will information be to retained. Very important for us is the careful care of the data. Therefore we want to illustrate how we secure the personal information.

Validity from privacy statement

This Data privacy statement s is true for all Internet pages which are provided by FAW gGmbH.
Our internet pages can also include Link s to other organisations. Our Data privacy statement does not relate to these links. We guarantee to keep our data in confidence. All employees have to be sworn to secrecy. The safety measures will be up to date technology. Also a security administrator arrange for compliance with this Data privacy statement.

Data which will be sent by browser/ internet - technology

Under the rule of data avoidance and efficiency, we collect only information if it is necessary and / ore if you give us the information optionally.
  • Information fetch from FAW- Websites

    If you want to apply for a specific courses offered, you have to enter into the input field the following information: Address, first name, family name, call number, Optional you can enter your birth day, profession, E- mail address, second call number or fax number.
    This information′s will be send to the relevant authority, which offers the courses.
  • Dispatch from all E- mails to us

    We collect your name, E-mail address and your message, also optional, your call number and address, to which we send our messages.
Mails to general addresses will be accepted and sent on the competent position. The same apply to wrong written E- mail addresses. Mails which are virus contaminated will be generally refused. Also mails from the FAW gGmbH will be checked for viruses, so that the address has a high degree of safety. But we don′t take over the responsibility referring to this. Also we don′t make personal surf profiles or the like. Please consider that this means of communication isn′t suitable for sending from personal messages.


Cookies are little text files, which are left on the PC from the internet user. The purpose of this is such as the control from accesses on Internet pages of your frequency of internet use. We employ Cookies only for the duration on the internet - page. Of course these are eliminated after leaving the internet page. Cookies include only technical information and no personal information.
Please don′t stack the Cookie into the PC s, which are without user administration (personal login with private password) in use from more than one person (such as in an internet café). In this way there is a danger of data abuse.

The use of personal data

Personal data, which you want to communicate by Internet, such as your name, E- mail, address) will be processed only as correspondence with you. Also this data will be process for this purpose, that you have given us the data. To the use of personal data you can enter an objection any time. We can also assure you, that we don′t refer the personal data to other persons. Unless we are bound by law or you have given us your consent.
As far as we make use service provider to the realization from providing processes, the contractual relationships are based upon the legal regulations from the Federal Data Protection Act.

Updating of the data privacy statement

In case we change our Internet- system or the Internet reliability is redeveloped, we will updated this Data privacy statement.

State of data acquisition: Dez. 2012

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